Because killing animals feels good, when a man's feeling bad. - - - - - - - GENESIS 9:2 "The fear of you and the dread of you will be on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the sky. Everything that the ground teems with, and all the fish of the sea are delivered into your hand."

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hello, My Name is PHILBERT SUGGS and this is my HUNTING Blogspot!

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"The intense and passionate bonding which Christian men experience together from killing, is perhaps the most wonderful of all gifts that the Lord delivers to us from up above"

DAN QUAYLE- (Safari Club International first officer, Pan Asian Pacific businessman and former vice president of the United States)

This blogspot where you find yourself now is a
real right-wing man's blog!
It is intended for the patriotic,
brave, robust, Christian American hunter who has been miss-understood and miss-represented by the liberal elite media and the secular non-killing types who hate America and hate everything our way of life represents.

GOD BLESS your hunters heart!

Sports-Manly Yours,

Philbert Suggs

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Group slaughter helps yoga teacher feel better.

. Men and others whom may be reading this post. Before you read this, I just wanted to inform you that this post in no way supports the yoga lifestyle and it's cultish, anti Christain and anti American agenda..

Many of you who actually know me, understand that I Philbert Suggs truly hate liberals.
Heck, I loathe liberals with a deep passionate longing frustration. I despise liberals for countless reasons and one of those reasons is because of their intense hatred of America. Yet I really have a specia ldeeper hate for them because of their indifference and their excessive sentimentality when it comes to killing. Liberals lack the uncaring, stout-hearted, manly indifference and vigorous values we conservatives live by. Liberals are afraid of those masculine traditions which proves..... they hate America!
Yoga is the new liberal pastime that everyone seems to be doing....everywhere! This outlandish yoga thing is spreading like Cupid's itch throughout the whole land. Altough there seems to be so many elements which threaten our hunting lifestyle and the proud American sportsmen's violence against animals agenda. It is this here yoga movement fad which poses a major threat... to all of us hunters because of its dangerous message of not harming another, of relaxation techniques and of feeling at peace with all living beings.
I know you are asking right about now, because I can hear you my brothers...
"why Philbert have you decided to praise a Los Angeles yoga instructor by the name of Mike Stokes?"
Well, Its because this brave, vibrant 30 year old man has his own yoga school called Freedom-Yoga where he is attempting to combat the peaceful vegetarian life style of yoga by spearheading a new movement called "Conscious Carnivores" and "inner combat yoga" . Here is his valient statement.
"Everytime we break a blade of grass we have harmed or killed another life. The challenge of living a yogic life is not to abstain from the act of killing, but instead to honestly and courageously embrace the reality of our part in it and participate in it with joy." Mike goes on to say this as well...
"I was feeling like such a hypocrite because the first tenet of yoga called Ahimsa asks of me that I become vegetarian. However, I love meat, I must eat it at every meal to feel...well, that I've accomplished something. Yet, the more I practised my yoga the more my body memorized the sensations of stillness and calm downess. Going into this peacefull softness of bliss all the time made eating animals a living nightmare for me."
So Mike decided to introduce the practice of group slaughter into his yoga classes. Mike learned this practice in his men's group's 5 day indigenous survival course called....
In this group outing not only did these seemingly liberal type men learn to hunt and kill their own food using only knives, hatchets and the powerful nag champa incense to smote their prey with, but they even killed a sheep all together as a part of the "community based killing" section of the course.
"It is legal to kill certain animals for religious reasons in Southern California. So, at my yoga school in Santa Monica, I now include the sacred killing of a goat, a sheep, rabbit or an Ostrich at the start of every class now. I so totally want to try and assist all of the meat eating yoga students to be able to deal with the guilt they incur from finding peace and compassion through yoga, yet electing not to end their eating of steaks, baby back ribs or grilled chicken breasts with an apricota honey wasabi reduction. "

Meet Mike Stokes the revolutionary 30 year old yoga instructor of Freedom Yoga.
Integrating the primitive male hunting instincts with an Ashtanga yoga style since 2005.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The YOUNG REPUBLICAN'S: hunting with dysfunctions Field Campaign- 2006

The Field Campaigns are really the cornerstone of the Young Republicans and College Republican National Committee's commitment to being outdoors and in the fields of the Lord. This is the place where God and Country can really be felt and fielded. In the mid-1980's the CRNC, with support from the Reagan White folks, became the leader in utilizing hunting and blood sports as a way to aid young conservative men in over coming their deep rooted fears and insecurities which lay the foundation for their intense dysfunctions. Whether they are sexual, relationship oriented or massive personal dysfunctions, the Young Republicans Field Campaigns are designed to alleviate the challenges of what transpires when right-wing men must somehow face their shortcomings and concede the truth about their lack of substance. The Y R Field Campaigns have truly put the OUT in outdoorsmen and the camp in Campaigns. Through the Field Programs, both the YR's (short for young republicans), the CRNC and the big grown up Republican Party have established hunting and gun activities all across this country, establishing the Republican Party as the grassroots arm of the Republican Parties grassroots arm. Through the killing of animals for the instant feeling of power it can fetch, the erotic sensations it may induce and to assist young conservatives in keeping up the illusion of their bravery, the Y R F C's have put the arm back in Army!

The Young Republican's Masculine Quest To Feel Powerful!

The Shooting Field Campaign of 2006 "Hunting with Dysfunctions."

Here are a few good guys to testify on the
momentary success feelings of the Shooting Field Campaigns of 2006.

President of California College Republicans:

Stephen Puetz

"The lessons I learned growing up will last a lifetime, even though I will probably never ever really grow up. These lessons will form the basis of all I will ever believe. My daddy taught me core conservative traditional manly values about love of country, love of God, love of stock options, the love of inside trading information on when to sell those options and.... most importantly of how to purge the memory of my mother from my body! Daddy also showed me the impotance of how to embody my whole sense of self in my phallic identity. Sometimes daddy went away on business trips when I needed him so much. So eventually, when my parents divorced all that learning from Father gave me the intense anger I needed to fight back against my mother, and all that was womanly. The deep rooted distrust I created against my mother was brought on by a male identity that was totally defined by my Christian Republican manly father, who used a big leather belt to help define my eternal unconcious fight against my mother mommy. Possessing an identity soley centered around my phallus (male sexual identity) I love porn with a passion for Christ! This passion also totally forced me to hate all women so I could perpetuate the cultural specifications of a Fatherly control over the world wide world. However, like all men I quickly learned that my organ is incapable of sustaining that type of actual real power and so I kill as many animals as I possibly can to purge that disgust in myself and to purge that memory of my mother, that dangerous mommy like sensitivity of nurturing and femaleness which I must conquer at all times in order not to feel anything for anyone but myself anymore!!!
That is why I decided to become President of the Young Republicans who attend College!
Using aggression and violence against creatures who cannot defend themselves is the best way I know how to maintain what my father taught me regarding a hidden hatred for women and against ever feeling compassion toward anyone perceived as weaker than I. This is why I make quail, duck, squirrel and bunny rabbits my desired target.
I use this beautiful semi automatic Rugar 44 carbine to get the most out of the Field Campaigns, and boy do I get the most dude!!!!

National Field Campaign Chair:

Brian Von Klan Der Johnson

Bri Bri Shows off in his neato Killbuggy and the first kill of his campaign with the proud Young Republican salute of "up thumb!"

Co-captain of the College Republicans Field Campaign: East Coast Chapter

Donny "Big Time" Vilense
Posing here happily with his two wild boar kills.

" I killed these two stupid hogs while they were being idiots and lookin for food! So, I shot them both in honor for Bush, the troops on Iraqi soil and my loneliness"

Support The Important War In Iraq PLEASE!!!!

Vice President of Field Operations
Chris Manson (centre college of kentucky)
Junior vice Field Chair person
Bill Bundy (western kentucky university)

"man we felt so good to each others, uhh, afters our kills. I, both Bill and I realized that killing someone brings about a feeling of superiority even more so than having sex...which is supposedly about creating life...but this ruled way more, man! We can't wait until next weekend!!!"

4 more information on this exciting GOP activity click below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Biggest Little Things in Reno


Dear readers on the right,
I'm back from the greatest hunting convention ever in the world. Safari Club International's Annual Hunting Gatherers in RENO (the biggest little city) Nevada. It's like no other gathering on earth.Over 30,000 animal killing men and over 28 females. And according to the survey results, 98% of these fine brave men consider themselves right-wing, conservative and over weight.
Each and every morning starts with a robust prayer breakfast led by this countries great men of combat giving thanks to our leader Bush and the Father George Herbert Walking Bush. Every morning featured a different strong Christian Non Human Killing expert. The Rev Jerry Fallwell, Rev Bill Frist, Rev Rick Santorum, Rev Steve Largent and Rev Ollie North.
In this 370,000 square foot convention center there were over 2,000 booths most of which were hunting, outfitters and guide companies. However, the one booth that made the biggest impact this year and had a line of thousands of eager and almost desperate sportsmen wrapping frantically around the room twice and out the door to an over flow area which was set up by the Reno police dept just for this purpose.....
was the

__________________special barter advertising section_________________

Subtle and sophisticated packing supplies for the modern conservative manly hunter.

This company was developed as a result of years of snickering and putdowns by liberals and non hunters who have unfairly claimed that sportsmen kill animals because of their small sized male genitalia. Well, we have taken those many years of abuse, insults and put downs and molded them into shapely dreams for the discriminating right-wing animal killer.
Providing hunters with useful, confidence boosting hunting tools to aid them with a variety of important packing products for the sometimes difficult task of looking big.


17 NRA "BOUNTIFUL (non lethal tool)" AWARDS!

12 Safari Club International "The Essential" Awards

9 Biblical Hunting (product of the year) Awards

7 Republican Cowboy Awards
(most noteworthy product)

5 Christian Sportsmen (The Most Fundamentlist) Awards

4 Young Republican (Humanitarian Product) Awards


The First original flacid packer
(made from realistic feeling polyurethen petroleum soft texturized rubber )

over 30 million sold!

Texass Pride
(developed personally by the husband and wife team Big White Hat
and Estella Humanzee)

Each packing piece in the new line has its own name and its own special personality.

The BIGGEST seller at the event (45,000 sold over 3 days) was the "Average Joe" packing piece which allows men the high tech sophistication of being able to take a piss without ever having to remove what it is they've packed in.
(urine tube included)
Hunters can now feel proud and confident when they step out into the killing fields with other men watching and shoot down the animal of their dreams.

"This is more than just a feel good product, its really a weapon and a tool you don't ever want to hunt without."
Antonin Scalia
(Right-wing Activist Judge)

Yes, boys, that's me yours truly P Suggs, pictured below here. I killed this big old Buffalo at Rising Sun Game Preserve which was not too far from the convention center and was on the way back to my hotel. There I met Bert who has a custom made packing piece he calls the HOLEHAUSER he had it made back in the winter of 1963.
Well, for only $65, I now have a brand new big fluffy head for the wall in my bible study room back at home and a new packing friend name BERT and his hunting dog Linda!! By the way...I was wearing (packing) my faithful Hugo piece when I blasted this guy here and of course as always, Jesus was with me too. GOD BLESS!
Above: Me, Philbert... packing Hugo on this Kill Bill, Thrill !

From a woman's point of view (looking straight on, at aprox 2 feet above the groin area)

"When you purchase one of our packing products my husband and I consider you a special member of our hunting party and we wish we could be there with everyone of you when you slide it on and pack it in for the first time. should slide on easily!! We believe that how a man who kills animals prepares himself visually down below and the equipment he packs in his pants, along with respect and proper compliments given by his fellow hunters is a reflection of a man's dedication towards the American, right-wing, Christian and animal killing way of life."

Mrs. Estella Humanzee
(Its not just for the men anymore, I wear one too now and my husband loves it!)

From the masculine (husband's) point of view.....
(which is usually looking upwards from a kneeling position with his view actually obstructed....)

"When a fella learns to pack right (no pun intended) for his hunting trips he learns the first lesson in feeling noble. Its not the pants or shorts a man wears when he makes a kill, but it's how he fills them up or out and the way it buldges when he shoots his weapon.
A well packed crotch region gives the conservative, patriotic man, a gallant confidence that can add pinpoint accuracy when he be unloading his weapon in front of his buddies or his wife. For the most part, our products were all designed while in the woods alone and scared. They were meditated on during a kill or when attending many NRA or GOP conventions,
where size is always important, yet find! My wife Estella and I trust that our personal packing hunting products will aid the unsure hunter with the less desirable reality but very important task of feeling (and looking) larger. We get on our knees and pray your fears vanish and that packing will allow you brave men more time for the desperate pleasure we all need from, killing animals."


YOU are gonna Feel and look so big that you'll just wanna open up and expose your private area constantly for the world to see! You'll never have to be nervous again or feel intimidated when it's your turn to stand up and take that shot you've been hungering for all day! And man...when you make that kill Mister Man, you're gonna feel brave, viril, and resolute. Resolute and sure enough to sit right down and relax and relish the moment of taking someone's life....that wanted to keep living. Its a moment you so deserve!! A moment of blood, potent sweat and of intense patriotic victory.... A moment when you'll never have to cross your legs
again sissy style the way liberal non killing secular men do!!


If you would like to have a packing piece made special or custom made by our artisians... please contact a professional measurer listed below.
Click here for a master measurer in your area
(Complete professional, intimate and compassionate conservative privacy on your final numbers)

There are over 8,500
official Safari Club licensed measurers in the US alone catering to the Christian conservative gun loving American sportsmen.

This is a great company with a great product made for a great many men!
the above views do not neccesarily reflect the views of the men who wrote them. They were written by famous ad men in New York City who were not into or comprehending this weird strange subculture of violent right-wing slobs stuffing their private parts into rubberized fake genitalia and then killing animals...just plain weird!!!
However, most awesome compensation was paid to the talented men in NYC by a bunch of wacked out Texas guys gals...whatever!!!And also there was a bartered deal made for the advertisement above and the proprieter (a mr p suggs) of this site and he was given a free custom made Packing item called the Philphlaccid...yikes...OK...enough with this....

Friday, February 17, 2006

I wanted Dick back when....

All the attention that has come about due to our vice leader's completely normal hunting incident of shooting a fellow hunter in the face, leads me to actually want Dick more. Back in November of 2005 I wrote General Cheney a letter asking him to consider becoming CEO of the American hunting industry.

Here it is again....HUNTERS NEED DICK

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Feminists for animal rights lose round one of the debate!

If you click on the link you will see the transcripts of the recent debate between myself and a bunch of left wing anti-hunting anti-American types feminists.
However, you will see that by the end of the debate they all eventually give in to my side of the pro-hunting argument and as usual realize I am correct about hunting animals being a necesary part of life. As you can even see one or two of these women actually start liking me.

This is a perfect "HOW TO DEBATE THE ANTI HUNTERS AND WIN example!

Just Ain't Right

Thursday, January 19, 2006

click here..NRA Sets 2006 As Year Of Women As Target For Hunting


This post is a transcript from the speech I gave at the NRA's Annual

"Man, Rifle, Make Man, Feel Strong !"
Conference which was held January 4, 3, 5, and then on the 4th again of 2006.

Here is where my deep robust voice echoes through the great halls of the Holiday Inn's basement conference room, in downtown Fresno CA as I address the faithful men who's lives will change forever as we all must now face the reality of allowing women to leave the home and then to allow them to actually see our desperation and fears when we are out in the woods.

"Good afternoon NRA members and Christian Warrior Association members. All of you men know that the pleasures of hunting is about more than just bringing down a deer, a duck, or whatever seems to be moving around in the bushes and trees ahead of you. It is, in many ways, about a spiritual experience felt from the homoerotic war we wage against ourselves, against our fathers and against the other men dressed up in matching colored camo fatigues. Its our own battle against the scary terror of what maleness is, and of course its about what the other guy imagines about our penis when its in the flaccid state (because thats when its at its most deceptive) and its about our relationship with the natural world.
Every hunter knows that what is buried deep down are the fears of our erections being tested and our failings as studs being exposed everytime we are confronted with the challenge of sexual conquest. And just the idea of having women around watching us face a real big buck will destroy a nice weekend of ritual male combat killing. Because women know those big bucks posses the ability for more potent, powerful, stronger and bigger erections than we human males.
Go here to get help with this issue....

If we don't begin to encourage women to come out and hunt now, we may lose our important, fun, killing pastime of joy, delight and security forever. And Ever! Because men, without hunting we lose the ability to demonstrate in homoerotic ways our manhoods.

To quote Aldo Leopold, the father of wildlife management: "There are two spiritual dangers in not hunting. One is the danger of supposing that dinner comes from food, and the other is that heat comes from something hot."

The truth is that the number of hunters is in decline. In 2004, only 10 million Americans enjoyed hunting, a 12 percent drop compared from 10 years ago.
We need to re-energize the sport by legalizing and welcoming new species to kill, like the slow moving box turtle and encouraging new participants like the human female woman. This is where the new NRA woman recruitment programs come in.
Now, without further delay I'm here today to introduce the 3 women who will help reverse the tide in hunting so that the dying tradition of killing animals will be around for us men and our sons and grandsons to have for dealing with male insecurities for generations to come.

First, we have the US Fish And Wildlife Services director of Wildlife Women Management the newest division at the agency...please welcome, the glamorous.....

Anita Lay!

Second, we are honored with the sexy woman who is going to help get the wives out of the kitchen (only for a few hours though) From Housewives for Jesus and a former Miss Kentucky Wild Boar Beauty Queen...............

And many is that? I lost count....
Oh, right and 3rd....
She's a real young hotty and a columnist for
Young Hot Lady Hunters
and yes niece...............

Megan Mitch Suggs!

"By encouraging more women to come and kill animals we'll see the number of hunters increase rather than decrease. If we can just get some good looking women like these three up here we can also help end the image of the big fat crotch scratching angry redneck male hunter image that is snuffing out and putting an end to our love of shooting animals dead.
Everyone in this room has a contribution to make. Some of you just have to sit in your tree stands and accept it, some of you, (the few of you that dare) will have to think...and maybe even rethink whats more important. Keeping women in the home, (the way god demands) or bringing them out for killing animals in the nature.
Well, I believe along with the US govt federal aid program of 40 million dollars we can keep America's hunting heritage strong by making it more feminine.

I urge you to take a look at these new women and hunting success stories here for instance and as a hunter, and as a man, and as a warrior for Christ and as a participant in this conference, feel confident in bringing in the ladies. Its for our own good."

God Bless....

Rifle-manly Yours.....

Philbert Suggs

Friday, December 30, 2005

Bringing Theocracy, Terror and Hard Work To Iraq

Please support



Help honor our war time President's
"Freedom For Iraq-The Most Noblest Cause" policy.
This is Dubyas newest and supposedly one of the most exciting Iraqi policy names
"he's had in weeks" according to The Washington Times.
Crafted by the sharpest new minds in the Bush War Time Presidency Special Planning Cabinet Of Hard Work.

"We're staying the course, were fighting to plan. We're planning to fight for liberty and freedom and that's hard work!"

George W Bush

May God Bless our brave Christian soldiers.

Yours in Prayer and in BUSH,


please click here to listen to me sing my new song...."He's not Just A Soldier"
give it a few seconds to load after you click on the song.

I recently sang this for Dick Cheney and his staff and brought tears to the eyes of hundreds.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Born Again Hunting Products


Sometimes it's just the little things....

(1) Remain totally invisible from the eyes of the beasts which you seek, even while you read the word of the lord.
The Holy Outdoorsman Camo Bible. It will surely keep you hidden as you search for truth.
Feel and look just like a bush!

Anyone can just hide in a bush! However, as any hunter worth his weight in beans will tell you...becoming a bush is an incredible, exciting, decorous, and elegant experience that you will never forget!!!
When you want to be in-touch with the natural world the way the Lord intended but are feeling a bit slow or possibly too full from your most recent meal.
Maybe you just want to enjoy a private quiet botanical moment before your kill?
This two piece Bushrubbery suit lets you really get in the thick of it.
(Scented or unscented.)

Great for surprising rabbits, ground squirrels, lizards, snakes and maybe even Bob from across the street as well as other fast, wary and elusive prey.
Not recommended for bear, wolf or mountain lion hunting.

The notebook from heaven.
Write down all of your impure thoughts here in this handy outdoor water proof notebook. Its a great way to keep track of all those sins you committed during the weekend hunting trip. Go on save yourself! Its better to write it all down, then to forget to tell him exactly what happened. You don't want to have to say.....
"hey, Jesus! Uhmm. I forgot about that part...REALLY!"

(4) Because accidents will happen while out in the woods, always wear your Jesus Jock strap! Its just a sure way of avoiding any mishaps or "midnight mistakes" as we hunters like to call them. Sometimes Satan can appear out of nowhere and before you know it, he's right in there. I have been manipulated quite a few times by the prince of darkness, so now I'm always strapped in just in case!
The JJS totally just it keeps it real clear who's property your little weapon belongs to!

(5)This is just a great all around liquid container bottle. Holds 16 ounces of fluid. Use it for all your blessing needs, instant baptisms or just to keep yourself always..... on the edge of wetness.
Matthew 19:22

But when the young man heard the saying, he went away sad, for he was one who had great possessions.

Monday, December 05, 2005

OPERATION "MOCK IRAQ" Feel The Power-Thanksgiving Day Turkey Shoot

Feel The Power !
Highlights from the first annual "MOCK IRAQ" Thanksgiving day turkey kill.

This wonderful event is about motivating brave American hunters who courageously supported our President's glorious war in Iraq but because of their age, their possible careers, their fear of being killed or wounded and their wide spread obesity issues have remained here at home. The "mock Iraq" theme is dedicated to all the sportsmen who voted for our great war time Leader George W Bush, and who just like the President, have all stayed at home rather than fight the war they so enthusiastically embraced.

Many participants will spend up to 30 minutes of real military training for this event.


FEEL THE POWER! is a community and church oriented event to help hunters, conservative Christian outdoorsmen and young republican gun enthusiasts feel proud and strong not weak or hypocritical. It is a GOP-faith based operation to attempt to bring a feeling of power to men by reenactment of war time scenarios using military training techniques, real military camouflaged and of course wild game turkeys in place of Iraqi terrorists. By providing a chance for patriotic men to shoot mock insurgents, to participate in a combat like atmosphere and to bond with other men in Gods great outdoors, Operation Feel The Power! will provide the motivation for right-wing men everywhere to stand up and defend themselves against the anti-war, secular, non-killing liberal types who attack our way of life.

(above) Cooler than cool Mr.GORDON HATFIELD SUGGS (my cousin) founder and CEO of Operation Feel The Power becomes exceedingly powerful after his courageous killing of a "mock Iraqi" !

Pastor Mike Thompson and William Wallace bond after a successful operation.

Brad Yates of Safari Club Bible Ministries and Rex Hill president of The UC Riverside Young Republicans feel some pride after their successful affair.

Rev. Fred Smith of Man Of God Ministries shows off his battlefield victories.

Tim Walker gets real excited as he poses from behind his dead "mock Iraqi" terrorist.

I hope that every man who enlisted and fought hard to make a kill at this exhilarating war style hunt Felt The Power of this patriotic event. I'm not just speaking about feeling the power of the lord but also of the power in each and everyone of you men when you expressed your masculinity by waging warfare against the turkeys. I also pray that all of the men who aided in helping to uphold the majestic tradition of male bonding by utilizing violence against the helpless, are feeling better and more confident about themselves and their support of our President's glorious war in Iraq now.

I hope to see everyone at the next mock Iraq style hunt.

Your's In Bush....


To sign up for the next "mock Iraq" war style Freedom hunt.... click here for information.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We Always Triumph With Jesus

When You Bring The Lord With You To The Field Thou Shall Have Victory...

Book of Numbers 21:34-35
...and God said to Moses.."If thy weapon is insignificant, and thy enemy immense, fear not.
For into thy hand I will deliver him"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Man of the House

Suggs Bible Home
And Gun Chapel

This is my house. This is where I live. I spend most of my time here reading the bible, writing my songs and cleaning, and wiping and polishing my arsenal of weapons.
This is where I take seat on the thrown.
This is where I sit in silence.
This is where I am King as I wait.........
For Him.

2 Chronicles 23:10
He set all the people, every man with his weapon in his hand, from the right side of the house to the left side of the house, along by the altar and the house, around the king........

God Bless those who wait,



Monday, November 28, 2005

Like Nimrod The Mighty Hunter, I Take this Tool Into The Killing Fields....


Oh, sons of mercy when you venture like Nimrod into the fields that are his glory, remember, every shot from your weapon is done in his name!
Words of Genesis.."God said that it was good."
"And God gave unto him the tools that he may slaughter the wicked."

Men, I used this most excellent Godly device here to slaughter some wicked evil doers who may have been digging through some trash bins some 25 miles or so next to a non operational ski resort near a possible site for resort development.
This lil tool I have, is called the "frantic screaming baby cub call" and its a wonderful little horn that will lure the big adult bears right into your lap, with tantalizing results.
I blew away these savage beasts here in this picture below, sometimes two at a time! It was like leading the lamb(s) to slaughter! These black as night mama and papa bears just came running when they heard the panic calls I made from my lil bugle. These parent bears all must have thought it was their own babies! I never did see any cubs though, they must still be out there wondering...
"what happened to my mommy?" Well, if they look at my blog here... they know now!
And men, all I had to do was sit, eat a few twinkies and wait.
The lord watches over me...don't you agree?

Take a Look right here. Order one now!
Also take this lesson...
Genesis 10:9
He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; that is why it is said,
"Like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the Lord."