Because killing animals feels good, when a man's feeling bad. - - - - - - - GENESIS 9:2 "The fear of you and the dread of you will be on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the sky. Everything that the ground teems with, and all the fish of the sea are delivered into your hand."

Friday, December 30, 2005

Bringing Theocracy, Terror and Hard Work To Iraq

Please support



Help honor our war time President's
"Freedom For Iraq-The Most Noblest Cause" policy.
This is Dubyas newest and supposedly one of the most exciting Iraqi policy names
"he's had in weeks" according to The Washington Times.
Crafted by the sharpest new minds in the Bush War Time Presidency Special Planning Cabinet Of Hard Work.

"We're staying the course, were fighting to plan. We're planning to fight for liberty and freedom and that's hard work!"

George W Bush

May God Bless our brave Christian soldiers.

Yours in Prayer and in BUSH,


please click here to listen to me sing my new song...."He's not Just A Soldier"
give it a few seconds to load after you click on the song.

I recently sang this for Dick Cheney and his staff and brought tears to the eyes of hundreds.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Born Again Hunting Products


Sometimes it's just the little things....

(1) Remain totally invisible from the eyes of the beasts which you seek, even while you read the word of the lord.
The Holy Outdoorsman Camo Bible. It will surely keep you hidden as you search for truth.
Feel and look just like a bush!

Anyone can just hide in a bush! However, as any hunter worth his weight in beans will tell you...becoming a bush is an incredible, exciting, decorous, and elegant experience that you will never forget!!!
When you want to be in-touch with the natural world the way the Lord intended but are feeling a bit slow or possibly too full from your most recent meal.
Maybe you just want to enjoy a private quiet botanical moment before your kill?
This two piece Bushrubbery suit lets you really get in the thick of it.
(Scented or unscented.)

Great for surprising rabbits, ground squirrels, lizards, snakes and maybe even Bob from across the street as well as other fast, wary and elusive prey.
Not recommended for bear, wolf or mountain lion hunting.

The notebook from heaven.
Write down all of your impure thoughts here in this handy outdoor water proof notebook. Its a great way to keep track of all those sins you committed during the weekend hunting trip. Go on save yourself! Its better to write it all down, then to forget to tell him exactly what happened. You don't want to have to say.....
"hey, Jesus! Uhmm. I forgot about that part...REALLY!"

(4) Because accidents will happen while out in the woods, always wear your Jesus Jock strap! Its just a sure way of avoiding any mishaps or "midnight mistakes" as we hunters like to call them. Sometimes Satan can appear out of nowhere and before you know it, he's right in there. I have been manipulated quite a few times by the prince of darkness, so now I'm always strapped in just in case!
The JJS totally just it keeps it real clear who's property your little weapon belongs to!

(5)This is just a great all around liquid container bottle. Holds 16 ounces of fluid. Use it for all your blessing needs, instant baptisms or just to keep yourself always..... on the edge of wetness.
Matthew 19:22

But when the young man heard the saying, he went away sad, for he was one who had great possessions.

Monday, December 05, 2005

OPERATION "MOCK IRAQ" Feel The Power-Thanksgiving Day Turkey Shoot

Feel The Power !
Highlights from the first annual "MOCK IRAQ" Thanksgiving day turkey kill.

This wonderful event is about motivating brave American hunters who courageously supported our President's glorious war in Iraq but because of their age, their possible careers, their fear of being killed or wounded and their wide spread obesity issues have remained here at home. The "mock Iraq" theme is dedicated to all the sportsmen who voted for our great war time Leader George W Bush, and who just like the President, have all stayed at home rather than fight the war they so enthusiastically embraced.

Many participants will spend up to 30 minutes of real military training for this event.


FEEL THE POWER! is a community and church oriented event to help hunters, conservative Christian outdoorsmen and young republican gun enthusiasts feel proud and strong not weak or hypocritical. It is a GOP-faith based operation to attempt to bring a feeling of power to men by reenactment of war time scenarios using military training techniques, real military camouflaged and of course wild game turkeys in place of Iraqi terrorists. By providing a chance for patriotic men to shoot mock insurgents, to participate in a combat like atmosphere and to bond with other men in Gods great outdoors, Operation Feel The Power! will provide the motivation for right-wing men everywhere to stand up and defend themselves against the anti-war, secular, non-killing liberal types who attack our way of life.

(above) Cooler than cool Mr.GORDON HATFIELD SUGGS (my cousin) founder and CEO of Operation Feel The Power becomes exceedingly powerful after his courageous killing of a "mock Iraqi" !

Pastor Mike Thompson and William Wallace bond after a successful operation.

Brad Yates of Safari Club Bible Ministries and Rex Hill president of The UC Riverside Young Republicans feel some pride after their successful affair.

Rev. Fred Smith of Man Of God Ministries shows off his battlefield victories.

Tim Walker gets real excited as he poses from behind his dead "mock Iraqi" terrorist.

I hope that every man who enlisted and fought hard to make a kill at this exhilarating war style hunt Felt The Power of this patriotic event. I'm not just speaking about feeling the power of the lord but also of the power in each and everyone of you men when you expressed your masculinity by waging warfare against the turkeys. I also pray that all of the men who aided in helping to uphold the majestic tradition of male bonding by utilizing violence against the helpless, are feeling better and more confident about themselves and their support of our President's glorious war in Iraq now.

I hope to see everyone at the next mock Iraq style hunt.

Your's In Bush....


To sign up for the next "mock Iraq" war style Freedom hunt.... click here for information.