Because killing animals feels good, when a man's feeling bad. - - - - - - - GENESIS 9:2 "The fear of you and the dread of you will be on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the sky. Everything that the ground teems with, and all the fish of the sea are delivered into your hand."

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The YOUNG REPUBLICAN'S: hunting with dysfunctions Field Campaign- 2006

The Field Campaigns are really the cornerstone of the Young Republicans and College Republican National Committee's commitment to being outdoors and in the fields of the Lord. This is the place where God and Country can really be felt and fielded. In the mid-1980's the CRNC, with support from the Reagan White folks, became the leader in utilizing hunting and blood sports as a way to aid young conservative men in over coming their deep rooted fears and insecurities which lay the foundation for their intense dysfunctions. Whether they are sexual, relationship oriented or massive personal dysfunctions, the Young Republicans Field Campaigns are designed to alleviate the challenges of what transpires when right-wing men must somehow face their shortcomings and concede the truth about their lack of substance. The Y R Field Campaigns have truly put the OUT in outdoorsmen and the camp in Campaigns. Through the Field Programs, both the YR's (short for young republicans), the CRNC and the big grown up Republican Party have established hunting and gun activities all across this country, establishing the Republican Party as the grassroots arm of the Republican Parties grassroots arm. Through the killing of animals for the instant feeling of power it can fetch, the erotic sensations it may induce and to assist young conservatives in keeping up the illusion of their bravery, the Y R F C's have put the arm back in Army!

The Young Republican's Masculine Quest To Feel Powerful!

The Shooting Field Campaign of 2006 "Hunting with Dysfunctions."

Here are a few good guys to testify on the
momentary success feelings of the Shooting Field Campaigns of 2006.

President of California College Republicans:

Stephen Puetz

"The lessons I learned growing up will last a lifetime, even though I will probably never ever really grow up. These lessons will form the basis of all I will ever believe. My daddy taught me core conservative traditional manly values about love of country, love of God, love of stock options, the love of inside trading information on when to sell those options and.... most importantly of how to purge the memory of my mother from my body! Daddy also showed me the impotance of how to embody my whole sense of self in my phallic identity. Sometimes daddy went away on business trips when I needed him so much. So eventually, when my parents divorced all that learning from Father gave me the intense anger I needed to fight back against my mother, and all that was womanly. The deep rooted distrust I created against my mother was brought on by a male identity that was totally defined by my Christian Republican manly father, who used a big leather belt to help define my eternal unconcious fight against my mother mommy. Possessing an identity soley centered around my phallus (male sexual identity) I love porn with a passion for Christ! This passion also totally forced me to hate all women so I could perpetuate the cultural specifications of a Fatherly control over the world wide world. However, like all men I quickly learned that my organ is incapable of sustaining that type of actual real power and so I kill as many animals as I possibly can to purge that disgust in myself and to purge that memory of my mother, that dangerous mommy like sensitivity of nurturing and femaleness which I must conquer at all times in order not to feel anything for anyone but myself anymore!!!
That is why I decided to become President of the Young Republicans who attend College!
Using aggression and violence against creatures who cannot defend themselves is the best way I know how to maintain what my father taught me regarding a hidden hatred for women and against ever feeling compassion toward anyone perceived as weaker than I. This is why I make quail, duck, squirrel and bunny rabbits my desired target.
I use this beautiful semi automatic Rugar 44 carbine to get the most out of the Field Campaigns, and boy do I get the most dude!!!!

National Field Campaign Chair:

Brian Von Klan Der Johnson

Bri Bri Shows off in his neato Killbuggy and the first kill of his campaign with the proud Young Republican salute of "up thumb!"

Co-captain of the College Republicans Field Campaign: East Coast Chapter

Donny "Big Time" Vilense
Posing here happily with his two wild boar kills.

" I killed these two stupid hogs while they were being idiots and lookin for food! So, I shot them both in honor for Bush, the troops on Iraqi soil and my loneliness"

Support The Important War In Iraq PLEASE!!!!

Vice President of Field Operations
Chris Manson (centre college of kentucky)
Junior vice Field Chair person
Bill Bundy (western kentucky university)

"man we felt so good to each others, uhh, afters our kills. I, both Bill and I realized that killing someone brings about a feeling of superiority even more so than having sex...which is supposedly about creating life...but this ruled way more, man! We can't wait until next weekend!!!"

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