Because killing animals feels good, when a man's feeling bad. - - - - - - - GENESIS 9:2 "The fear of you and the dread of you will be on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the sky. Everything that the ground teems with, and all the fish of the sea are delivered into your hand."

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Group slaughter helps yoga teacher feel better.

. Men and others whom may be reading this post. Before you read this, I just wanted to inform you that this post in no way supports the yoga lifestyle and it's cultish, anti Christain and anti American agenda..

Many of you who actually know me, understand that I Philbert Suggs truly hate liberals.
Heck, I loathe liberals with a deep passionate longing frustration. I despise liberals for countless reasons and one of those reasons is because of their intense hatred of America. Yet I really have a specia ldeeper hate for them because of their indifference and their excessive sentimentality when it comes to killing. Liberals lack the uncaring, stout-hearted, manly indifference and vigorous values we conservatives live by. Liberals are afraid of those masculine traditions which proves..... they hate America!
Yoga is the new liberal pastime that everyone seems to be doing....everywhere! This outlandish yoga thing is spreading like Cupid's itch throughout the whole land. Altough there seems to be so many elements which threaten our hunting lifestyle and the proud American sportsmen's violence against animals agenda. It is this here yoga movement fad which poses a major threat... to all of us hunters because of its dangerous message of not harming another, of relaxation techniques and of feeling at peace with all living beings.
I know you are asking right about now, because I can hear you my brothers...
"why Philbert have you decided to praise a Los Angeles yoga instructor by the name of Mike Stokes?"
Well, Its because this brave, vibrant 30 year old man has his own yoga school called Freedom-Yoga where he is attempting to combat the peaceful vegetarian life style of yoga by spearheading a new movement called "Conscious Carnivores" and "inner combat yoga" . Here is his valient statement.
"Everytime we break a blade of grass we have harmed or killed another life. The challenge of living a yogic life is not to abstain from the act of killing, but instead to honestly and courageously embrace the reality of our part in it and participate in it with joy." Mike goes on to say this as well...
"I was feeling like such a hypocrite because the first tenet of yoga called Ahimsa asks of me that I become vegetarian. However, I love meat, I must eat it at every meal to feel...well, that I've accomplished something. Yet, the more I practised my yoga the more my body memorized the sensations of stillness and calm downess. Going into this peacefull softness of bliss all the time made eating animals a living nightmare for me."
So Mike decided to introduce the practice of group slaughter into his yoga classes. Mike learned this practice in his men's group's 5 day indigenous survival course called....
In this group outing not only did these seemingly liberal type men learn to hunt and kill their own food using only knives, hatchets and the powerful nag champa incense to smote their prey with, but they even killed a sheep all together as a part of the "community based killing" section of the course.
"It is legal to kill certain animals for religious reasons in Southern California. So, at my yoga school in Santa Monica, I now include the sacred killing of a goat, a sheep, rabbit or an Ostrich at the start of every class now. I so totally want to try and assist all of the meat eating yoga students to be able to deal with the guilt they incur from finding peace and compassion through yoga, yet electing not to end their eating of steaks, baby back ribs or grilled chicken breasts with an apricota honey wasabi reduction. "

Meet Mike Stokes the revolutionary 30 year old yoga instructor of Freedom Yoga.
Integrating the primitive male hunting instincts with an Ashtanga yoga style since 2005.



  • At 10:17 AM PDT, Blogger Pinwheel Eye said…

    Good lord, man, but this article speaks right to my very heart.

    I would love to join that kind of manly yoga. Who knew yoga could be an aggressive, manly, bloody sport?

    You have truly opened my eyes, Mr. Suggs, and for that, I will be your man-friend for life. Wanna wrestle?

  • At 11:54 AM PDT, Blogger Alicia said…

    Mr. Suggs - whoo! That;s what I calkl a real man. Do you know if he is single? Perhaps he belongs to a monastery that embraces casual sex! If so, put me on his speed-dial! I'll take a booty call any old time!

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