Because killing animals feels good, when a man's feeling bad. - - - - - - - GENESIS 9:2 "The fear of you and the dread of you will be on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the sky. Everything that the ground teems with, and all the fish of the sea are delivered into your hand."

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hello, My Name is PHILBERT SUGGS and this is my HUNTING Blogspot!

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"The intense and passionate bonding which Christian men experience together from killing, is perhaps the most wonderful of all gifts that the Lord delivers to us from up above"

DAN QUAYLE- (Safari Club International first officer, Pan Asian Pacific businessman and former vice president of the United States)

This blogspot where you find yourself now is a
real right-wing man's blog!
It is intended for the patriotic,
brave, robust, Christian American hunter who has been miss-understood and miss-represented by the liberal elite media and the secular non-killing types who hate America and hate everything our way of life represents.

GOD BLESS your hunters heart!

Sports-Manly Yours,

Philbert Suggs


  • At 6:33 AM PST, Blogger margretflynn8035 said…

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  • At 2:41 PM PST, Blogger OORANOS said…

  • At 7:09 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, now I see what you mean. Not only are carrying the fetus to full term but you have sacrificed your phallus in order to give life. You are a true man of God.

  • At 9:46 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i bet you like the residents, don't you??

    hat tip.

  • At 3:16 AM PST, Anonymous REV 21 said…

    I can't tell if you are just misguided and in need of psychological help, if you are animal rights phonies, or just idiots. Either way, you are the reason people don't get saved. You give people amunition to call Christians crazy stupid hypocrites. Killing Animals For Jesus? That's enough!
    No where does Jesus ask that his followers kill animals for HIM!!! You people/person are out of your minds!!! If you think hunters are going to find this stuff funny youre wrong. Most hunters I know will shudder when they see this blog. Wise up!!!


  • At 5:19 AM PST, Blogger Gia said…


    Though on the surface you are everything I detest in the world... underneath it all is someone absolutely fucking brilliant.

    Rock on!

  • At 1:48 PM PST, Blogger Reichsminister Karl said…

    DAMN this site gives me a hard on!

  • At 3:24 PM PST, Blogger Betty Jo Goering said…

    Them bunnies shore look tasty. I cooked up one like that just last night. Where can I go murder me a bunny with a gun? I can stuff it to and give it marble eyes!

  • At 3:48 PM PST, Blogger La Joconde said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 4:30 AM PST, Blogger Justice said…

    As darkly I say Estella has forced my handy wipes. Philbert, Betty Jo and the once always great Manimal have been unmasked by IP. Dear Lord.

    Which one of you shits screwed up? Now they forward these to the man in the black hat and we're charged with harassie'ment. This here is bad.,+go+to+jail/

  • At 2:03 PM PST, Blogger TheHamburger said…

    You probably love Ted Nugent huh? Cat Scratch Fever makes us all want to kill's too bad I'm not allowed to have a gun due to sanity issues...

  • At 2:47 PM PST, Blogger Kathleen Callon said…


    Sorry I offended you, but I think all that cholesterol is clogging your brain.

    If you happen to go to Orange County, Encinitas has great veggie and vegan food. Three great places are Swami's Juice Bar, Govinda's (mmm Indian), and Roxy's (homemade granola but sucky falafels).

  • At 6:37 PM PST, Blogger salmon said…

    My long lost brother, my little eau de duck guts in a small enclosed room, strangler of crippled doves, master of possum and hominy, yodeler of geese and blaster of squirrels...AND...all in the name of our wonderous Savior. What are you doing in that cesspoll of liberalism...snakepit of secularism...petri dish of plurality they call California. Judging by your picture something tells me your not doing much surfing...although I'm sure your ultra sexy in a girls , of course, not way. Anyway, do you like 458. winchester magnums? I find them to be very versatile; you can kill anything from digger squirrels to elephants, commies to ragheaded heathens, all with one gun. My therapist says I'm overcompensating for a small you know what, which is total horsecrap...i'd fire the asshole if he wasn't court ordered. But anyway, keep up the good work, stay pure in God, and it's all just blood atonement brought on by those pesky environmentalists.

  • At 11:23 AM PST, Blogger Kathleen Callon said…

    You and Betty could sure have some interesting looking kids...

  • At 2:42 PM PST, Blogger Philbert Suggs said…

    I think Betty is a fine woman. Her color is right for my tastes but I think she is more of a friend type. We met for donuts a while back and got along real great. However, I made a mistake and took her back to my bible-compound
    but it was actually someone else and it turned out to be one of those situations where Satan was trying to fool me with a man....who looked like Betty does in her photos. I put an end to the encounter after a couple of days realizing what was happening when I felt the beard...facial hair. I remember reading a Karl Rove memo about how Satan will forget the facial hair thing and to look for that when having women over to bible studies and well....sleepin overs!
    I do like Betty but I'm thinking its just not right!!! In that way.
    Yet, I won a brand new gun tote bag from the NRA and Seaworld....when I signed her up for a women's hunting trip to shoot ground squirrels in San Diego, at Seaworld's new event...
    Women's Family Hunting Day.

    Thanks for your interest. And well, keep this story to yourself if you don't mind. Just click here for a Secret-Bush-webtextcode
    that will enable you (kathleen) to read this post... but will be invisible to anyone else!!!.
    Its a special Rebublican giggaweb code used by the Rove group for top secret information about our President!

    God Bless Bush....

    SportsManly yours,


  • At 3:12 PM PST, Blogger Philbert Suggs said…

    Ok...I'm glad this is all invisible and only you can see it Kathleen. I ran a check on you and see you are a Ladies Against Feminism member....

    Here is the more complete very secret ROVE code for your dainty eyes only!!!


  • At 6:14 PM PST, Blogger summersun70 said…

    I agree with Gia's comments.
    I've just spent ages checking out all the links you have posted too ..... enlightening .......

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  • At 7:05 PM PDT, Blogger Comandante Agí said…

    Capitulate to God!

    Tis the only way.

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  • At 6:42 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't see anything wronge with killing an animal for food is no more wronge than capital punishment. BOTH are totaly acceptable.

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  • At 12:43 PM PDT, Anonymous Thank Woodness said…

    It looks as though a sassy, introverted, possibly inverted conservative man has anonymously gone ape poopy on your wonderful blogger blog Philbert.

    If we're lucky he'll get hit with a big old tornado. Let's pray for Jesus to do this and it might happen. Goodness.

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  • At 9:06 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Christian is a universal term, not an Amiercan religion my friend. You have such hate, please don't hide that behind Christianity. Do you not know the whole foundation of Jesus' good news message is that we are to love. And if you do not love, you are not of God. That is your measuring stick. Killing is an act of hate here is seems. And you need to really get donw on your knees to figure out where your hate is getting mixed up with some profoundly opposite messages in teh gospel.

    I am sorry I have some Christian family that believes this stuff and act in such despicable and proud ways as yourself.

    I wish you grace in your Christian walk with teh Lord.

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  • At 5:21 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your blog is pathetic. You call yourselves "Christians" then you go and mass slaughter animals? God's word in the Bible intended you to "preserve" animals, not completely destroy them for FUN.

    What you are doing is destroying God's work for nothing more than amusement, so you are all pathetic excuses for Christians, and you will be all sent to hell!

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